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Ages: 2-5 years old

The D3P Mini Hoops program is an interactive program designed specifically for our young ones. Participants will be taught basic basketball skills, hand-eye coordination exercises, and basic physical literacy skills. Each child MUST be accompanied by an adult to assist with some of the group exercises. Classes are 45-minutes long and programs are 4 weeks long.


Ages: 6-8 years old

The D3P FUNdamentals program is an introductory basketball program that focuses on basic basketball skills. Players will go through various lessons throughout the 8-week curriculum and will have opportunities to practice and work on those skills. Our participants will be put through engaging, competitive, and FUN games that will provide them with the opportunity to practice and perfect their skills. Classes  are 1-hour long, and programs are 8 weeks long.


Ages: 9-12 years old

The D3P Jr. Hoops program is an introductory basketball program, like the FUNdamentals program but for an older group. Players will go through an 8- week program, covering all the main aspects on the game. Players will then be given the opportunity to practice those skills in exciting and challenging drills and exercises. Afterward, participants will be using the skills acquired in a game setting. The session is 1 hour long, and programs are 8 weeks long.


Ages: 6+ years old

The D3P Skills & Drills program is a skill development basketball program. Created to combat the deficit left by the pandemic. Players will be given equipment, which has been sterilized and will remain 2 meters apart. From the beginning of the program to its ending, participants will be led through challenging and engaging drills while remaining two feet apart.

Sessions are 1 hour long, and programs run at 4-week intervals.


Ages: All Ages

The G3P program is a female introductory basketball program, created to introduce girls into the sport.

Players will be taught skill development drills, work on social skills, and understand the importance of Self-empowerment. Our participants will be able to execute new skills and participate in a full-court basketball game. The rules of the game will be introduced so that the girls gain a deeper understanding of the game. Sessions are 1-hr, this program runs once per week and is a FREE program.


Ages: 10+ years old

The D3P Shooting Clinic program is a specialized shooting program. Players will be taught correct shot mechanics, good hand-eye coordination, and focusing on the BEEF acronym. Participants will take part in creative drills that will allow them to be creative and original. Players will have the opportunity to use these new skills and methods in different shooting drills and competitions. Sessions are 1hr and programs are 8 weeks long.


Ages: 12+ years old

The D3P Advanced Training Basketball program is another one of our specialized programs. Players will be taught various advanced skills through our 8-week curriculum. Focusing on various ways to score and get yourself open and available. There is also a focus on physical fitness and endurance in this program.

Participants will engage in high-level game situation scenarios and be taught to equip themselves with elite combo attacking moves to put them ahead of their opponents. Sessions are 1hr long and programs are 8 weeks long.


Ages: All Ages

The D3P Private Group Basketball Training is a custom program, tailored especially for our players. Coaches will meet at a specified location (driveway, park) will work on various aspects of the game, while providing a safe and positive environment that encourages success. Players will work on their skills and have opportunities to use those skills in different drills and challenges. Sessions are 1hr long and programs are booked on a first-come, first-serve basis.


Ages: 6+ years old

The D3P 1 on 1 Basketball Training is another one of our custom programs. Coaches will meet at a specified location (park, driveway) and work will work on various aspects of the game. Players will work and practice their weaker skills while perfecting their stronger skills. Many different skills and drills will be included to ensure success and engagement. Sessions are 1hr long and programs are booked on a first-come, first-serve basis.


Ages: 7+ years old

The D3P Online Basketball Program is a skill development program designed for players to perform individually. Players will be using their own equipment and will be participating in various engaging and competitive drills. They will also be working on their physical fitness and endurance. The program is a 45-minute session on Zoom and runs EVERY Tuesday and Thursday.

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