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In-Person Tutoring

Grades: 1-12

Online Tutoring

Grades: 1-12

D3P Tutoring Program, where we offer tailored academic support for students in Grades 1-12, covering English, Math, Science, History/Geography, EQAO Prep, and OSSLT Prep. Our experienced tutors provide personalized instruction, homework support, and supplementary materials to enhance understanding and mastery of key subjects and exams.


  • Individualized Assessment: Tailored evaluation to pinpoint students' needs and strengths.

  • Flexible Scheduling: Convenient in-person sessions to accommodate busy schedules.

  • Customized Instruction: Personalized tutoring to meet individual learning needs and goals.

  • Homework Assistance: Support with assignments and exam prep to reinforce classroom learning.

  • Comprehensive Resources: Additional materials provided to deepen understanding and strengthen skills.

  • Rewarding Progress: Students earn prizes for improvement and success.

  • Progress Tracking: Regular assessment and feedback to monitor student growth and achievement.

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