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Since its inception in 2018, D3P Sports has committed to establishing community spaces for sports programming all the while encouraging comradery and safe play. What started as a single basketball program, initiated the opportunity for expansion. Now sustaining a non-profit framework, D3P Sports caters to members of all ages, facilitating both virtual and in-person programs that specialize in personal fitness – including focused sessions for youth with disabilities, sports, and tutoring. Our organization builds programs that reflect the needs of each participant, whether novice or expert. Founded by Felix Adjei, who continues to prioritize health and social welfare through community projects, basing his work on four core principles: 1. Diversity, 2. Dedication 3. Discipline, and 4. Perseverance.  These values sustain our programming so that participants have an immersive and lasting experience. You can always count on Coach Felix and the D3P Team to support your educational and fitness needs – building confidence, generality, and skill.

Welcome to the D3P Family!


Our four core values – diversity, dedication, discipline, and perseverance started as a regular mantra for CEO, Coach & Founder Felix Adjei. Through the organization, he strives to share and promote these values to empower the mental and physical health of each D3P Sports participant, irrespective of their ability, age, or gender.  Accordingly, these values became the root of our identity, culture, and programming: 


Our team highlights diversity to promote acceptance and respect among our members and staff. We are unique – and we pledge to sustain the inclusion of participants from all backgrounds (i.e., ability, age, gender, race, etc.). We guarantee that our participants can engage and explore their interests in a positive and safe environment regardless of who they are. Our programs provide equal access and recreational opportunities to learn and succeed. At D3P sports, we acknowledge and celebrate our differences while fostering connections through shared values and purpose.


Our passion and dedication enable us to facilitate above-and-beyond programming. We are devoted to developing the potential of our members, and we hope that our efforts inspire every participant to commit and reach their personal goals, whether it’s related to academics, fitness, and or sports. D3P Sports envisions “dedication” as a voluntary choice. We want our members to willingly attend our programming – with the intention to have fun while working towards self-improvement.


At D3P Sports, we believe that discipline is a critical aspect of personal growth. Discipline (i.e., emotional, mental, and physical) builds resistance against potential challenges that interrupt progress. Our team exhibits discipline to reflect a steadfast adherence to the highest professional standard, and we employ it in our programming to strengthen the resilience of our participants. Through our programming, we equip our members with the resources and tools to overcome discouragement and distraction.


At D3P Sports, we believe that everyone possesses the inner strength to commit to self-improvement. Perseverance is the final variable to our core values. Consistency and determination are crucial in achieving success – whatever that might be. We work according to a “never-give-up” philosophy, by re-envisioning challenges as learning experiences instead of potential failures.  It helps us improve our performance and complete our goals. Overall, we believe that promoting perseverance in our programming provides participants the encouragement and support to act with clarity and confidence

Meet the Team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

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