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All-Abilities Programs

D3P Groove With You

Ages: +18 Ages

D3P All Abilities Groove With You Program offers sessions for students with special needs, contributing in music therapy, adaptive movement and social interactions. 

Drumming Class

Ages: +18 Ages

D3P All Abilities Drumming Program offers an inclusive drumming class for all students as the program focuses on fostering creativity, team work and self confidence.


Ages: +18 Ages

D3P All Abilities Karaoke program offers an inclusive and engaging experience for students with special needs. Our program aims to provide a supportive and fun environment where students can develop their social communication and creative skills through music. Participants will have the opportunity to choose their favorite songs practicing and performing in a welcoming setting. Our goals to promote self-confidence teamwork and self-expression while fostering a sense of belonging an enjoyment for all students involved.

Health Matters Curriculum

Ages: +18 Ages


D3P All Abilities Health Matters Curriculum Program is aimed at empowering adults with disabilities to make informed choices about health, exercise, and nutrition. Through engaging activities and lessons, it helps participants increase commitment to exercise and good nutrition, master practical aspects of an exercise routine, and enhance self-advocacy skills, among other benefits.


Ages: +18 Ages


D3P All Abilities Sportball Program offers an adaptive program promoting physical activity and skill development in an inclusive supportive environment. Trained coaches cater to individual’s abilities fostering fitness, social interaction, and confidence.

Basketball Fundamentals

Ages: +18 Ages

D3P's All Abilities Basketball Fundamentals Program offers an inclusive fundamental curriculum tailored to individuals with diverse abilities. Our experienced coaches adapt their teachings to accommodate various needs, focusing on skill development, teamwork and social skills. We prioritize fun goal settings and regular progress assessments to ensure a positive and rewarding experience for all participants.

Fostering Connections

Ages: +18 Ages

D3P is proud to offer a transformative Fostering Connections program designed to provide personalized support to individuals with special needs. This initiative revolves around fostering meaningful one-on-one connections, creating an environment where participants can engage in enjoyable activities while fostering open and supportive conversations.

All Abilities Fitness

Ages: +18 Ages

D3P's All Abilities Fitness Program offers a customized program for individuals with special needs. It includes tailored workouts, adaptive equipment, trained instructors, social interactions, progress tracking, and a focus on fun inclusivity.

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